Westlake AD713 tyre test result

June 2017—ZC Rubber has tested Westlake AD713 315/80R22.5 on its trucks and received a good result in relation to high mileage and wear resistance when used for one year of driving.

The tests began from April 2016 to March 2017. The fleet selected not only the Westlake tyres, but also an international tyre brand A and a Chinese tyre brand B. They were fitted in different positions on the trailers to obtain the survey results.


The test tyres were provided by Wamatha Truck 144.

Tread depth: Westlake AD713 22.5 mm and competitor A 20.2mm
Competitor A managed to achieve 6181.5 km/mm of thread depth and travelled 100 141 km when they had to be removed because the remaining tread depth was only 4mm.
The Westlake AD713 tyres travelled 108 004km when they had to be removed because the tyres were severely damage by driving them in flat conditions following a puncture. If the tyres were not damaged and used until the tread depth reached 4mm, the total possible number of kilometres travelled was calculated to be 146 206km using the average km/mm of 8385.8.


The test tyres were provided by LudekeTransport -Truck 80

Tread depth: Westlake AD713 21.5mm and competitor B 22.5mm. The Westlake AD713 tyres managed to achieve 10263km/mm of tread depth and the Chinese tyre brand B managed to achieve 8079km/mm of tread depth at the time of the last survey on 25 March 2017. Since the last survey, the B tyres have been removed because they reached the minimum permissible tread depth and the Westlake tyres still had permissible tread depth remaining. According to the odometer reading, brand B’s total possible number of kilometres was calculated as 149 461km and Westlake’s total possible kilometres is calculated as 179 603km.